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Hey loves,

I am Ameniki Safiya Omotola, pronounced Ah – Ma – Knee- Key. And just like my name, I am very unique. I am a holy- spirit led,  multi passionate woman, who is managing the grueling disease of Lupus while  being a mother to a beautiful little girl, who is definitely a miracle. I am that the girl who by societal norms is doing too much, but who cares about societal norms anyway?

The way I see it, is that as women we can be anything we choose to be and do it in whatever way that we see fit. We are the ultimate creators, we were created to carry life, what’s a better super power than that?

I hold a Master Degree in General and Theoretical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, in New Jersey and I am currently pursuing my Mphil in Education.

So what is Trinidad Mogulista about? In 2016, I created a space where I blogged regularly about everything social media, however there was a pivot in 2019, where I was forced to change the direction of this ever evolving platform.

Trinidad Mogulista is a safe place for the multi passionate woman to come feel at home.

You know that girl who loves to sew but can make beautiful candles, the woman who can sell you a business course but also loves fashion, this is the haven for that woman.

It is the place where you will get Instagram Strategy tips, be able to purchase Instagram Monetization Courses and also read a blog post about practising conscious parenting.

Ameniki, are you an entrepreneur really? I heard you work full time,  yes, I work  full time as Guidance Officer and an Island Girl, from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am an avid yoga enthusiast, I practice mindfulness and definitely love a great fete, if you don’t know what a fete is, I suggest that you come to Trinidad and Tobago very soon. 

I also speak and curate events for women. Whew, so I am MANY things! Best of all is being her mom!

Resilience is my true name though, I have lived to tell many stories, one being living with SLE for over a decade and surviving kidney failure and chemotherapy, having a high risk pregnancy with a damaged hip and starting a social media management business, then miserably failing and re-igniting the passion I have for Mommying and  entrepreneurship.

Life has definitely ROCKED me to the core, on more than one occasion  I have had several dark periods, where I have considered suicide and let my anxiety win, but I have experienced those little Mogulista Miracles,which enabled me to stand with you today.

When it comes to Instagram and Instagram Techniques that work, I have definitely enabled hundreds of women, to focus on Instagram strategy and help them triple their numbers. Instagram is my playground.

I simply come alive while learning everything Instagram related and my divine purpose   is assisting  women in entrepreneurship, moving them forward confidently with the skills to navigate this fluid platform.

Personally,  women are the beacon of hope in challenging times and also the breath of fresh air when you really need that push.

When women help women, we know that there can be a powerful message sent to the world, a message of healing, a message of hope, a message of true evolution. When women change their mindset, their money and actually push through all life’s obstacles, we change the entire dynamics of a country.

I am so grateful for you taking the time to be a part of the Trinidad Mogulista movement, it doesn’t go unnoticed, please join my mailing list, below, so that I can let you into  my miraculous world, where I experience little miracles daily.

With grit and gratitude,


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