Trinidad Mogulista is the home for the female mogul, a safe haven for ladybosses who are ready #evolveeveryday.. One main aspect of evolution is developing a sense of community. With community, in mind, our MOMCeo, created a sleuth of events for the Caribbean Millennial female.

There are  three core events that are a part of our arsenal:

  1. Brunch with a Mogulista (Brunching with Intention)
  2. Mogulista Moms in Business (Because we all need a #Moment)
  3. Profit$ and Prosecco (Who said Champagne?)

These events have propelled women to launch brands, gain insight on conquering their long term goals and find new business besties, YASSSSS!!!!!

Having the opportunity to assist women in their business is a notion that Trinidad Mogulista does not take lightly, we are VERY grateful for all our attendees and look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Profits and Prosecco

Brunch with a Mogulista

Mogulista Moms in Business

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