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Hey lady!

You’ve been rocking the entrepreneurship life for about a year now. Let me say Congratulations, you’ve been working so hard you forgot how to vacation.( Yes that’s a line from Post Malone).

So, now you know  that this new business is a little more stressful than newborn age.

The novelty of having the title “entrepreneur”  is quickly withering away and things are not progressing as quickly and as successfully as you anticipated.

You have quickly moved from a proud business owner to a slave of your business

Nawwww this can't be it? Where is that boss bish you envisioned you would become???

You feel like your hard work is not paying off and you are not reaping the rewards of your business.You are seeing all these local brands flossing on the gram and you are like when is it going to be my time?

You are an emotional wreck!

You are confused because your to do list keeps increasing and evolving and has mounted into a to do soliloquy.

You have become a shell of your former self, always physically and mentally drained from worry, overwork and sleepless nights. On top of all of this…….you look and feel a HOT mess.

Your nails haven’t been done in a minute, you can’t remember the last time you had a girls night, or even spoken to your friends on the phone.

This is not you!! This is not your standard, this is NOT what business is supposed to feel like…..what is happening???

Thoughts of failure…..and giving up…..!!.

Hopelessness sets in… you see no clear way forward……and nowhere to turn.

We Have All been
this low Hun

Believe it or not, We have all had our moments.

Yes Yes, I know the daily trials and thoughts of failure and feelings that you are in this alone.

ALL new business owners can identify with the struggle. You may be thinking ‘but i’ve been doing this for a minute’......Trust me girl…….. The fact that you lasted a minute speaks volumes. This shit is HARD as hell!!!

The good news is, that you do not have to go it alone sis….

Life as a business owner can be a lonely one…...what you need is support.

The problem is that as entrepreneurs we look for support in all the WRONG places!

Reality Check

Let me let you in on a well known business fact

I will tell you like it is, your family will not support you as you would like, your friends will not support you as you would like, not even the person you lie with every night will offer the level of support and understanding you require…….

Don’t be hurt and don’t take it personally…..why? Unless they are walking or have walked along the road that you have embarked on….they simply will not understand!!!

What you need is a support system…….

A group of like minded female entrepreneurs….. in the start up phases, just like you are. 

Female business owners who are experiencing the same type of challenges as you……...and I don't mean the ones who are just content with earning a meagre living and wallowing in their sorrows….

I mean females just like you…...who are hell bent on learning and gaining clarity….leveling up and transitioning….

A safe place for sharing, learning, development, nurturing, straight accountability and BOSSING UP!

No fluff just straight facts!!!! In a Judgement free environment.

Not new to this...
I'm true to this

I don't speak on what I don't know. I get your grind.

As an entrepreneur myself and having been an entrepreneur for over 10 years........I know what it's like to have NO MONEY but have a business!

I know what it's like to be owing the world and be afraid to even pick up your phone.

I know what it's like to feel like you have no idea WTF you are doing and to keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, PRAYING that something sticks.

I know what it's like to feel like a total failure and want to quit.......and hell,  I have quit.......... several times.

I know what it's like to see my friends and colleagues winning and living their best lives and I'm barely able to afford coffee at Rituals.

I have been in business since 2010 and I will be honest with you......

………..back then I had no idea what i was doing!!

 I have been in the same place that you are in right now! LOST AND CONFUSED.

From Image Consultancy, to Makeup, to Restaurants and Bars, I've done it all........and im not ashamed to say, I've FAILED A LOT.

I've failed but I've never remained there.

 I am good at failing and pushing through. Why? Because I have learnt through trial and error the formula for pushing through the rubble and emerging at the top! 

I've never once regretted those failed attempts because they are the reason I can help other females….like you, to get up and keep going.

Tell me More!!!

Hi, Im Ameniki and through my brand Trinidad Mogulista I have helped over 200 female business owners...just like overcome their challenges and start winning BIG!.

Entreprepreneur life can be a lonely one of self isolation and 'do it myself' attitudes......but when the challenges arise it's often  too much to bear alone.

Finding the right support of a community of persons who are doing what you are doing, facing the same challenges, sharing wins and creating a system for accountability is priceless.

‘Yea…….but I have been doing the entrepreneur group thing with little to no real change to my bank balance’

I get you…...that's why with you in mind I have created a different type of group dynamic.

One where you won't get lost in the wilderness of group politics and hype.

A coworking space for new female business owners. An online environment where you will learn, gain clarity, elevate your business and start winning through training and community. 

Not your typical business group

Welcome to Mogulista University

Mogulista University helps you, the stressed but COMPETENT Female entrepreneur  who is not reaping the rewards of your efforts and have no real place to turn for assistance…. achieve the clarity and answers needed to elevate your business and increase your coins…. And stop spinning top in mud..

Much more than a group of entrepreneurs!! Membership includes

Ok..whats it in for me? What can i expect?

Here is what past clients said

I am excited for you too girlie…..that is why i've made it super easy for you achieve all of these benefits without breaking the bank!

Here's what I will do for you

Your investment to get on the right footing and have the best year ever is

only $250 per month.

A miniscule investment for such great benefits.

Accept this as my New Year gift to you…...after the year we have had….you deserve it.


I’m throwing in an amazing and exciting  bonus for early membership. Invite to exclusive business event (to be announced)

Network network network to increase your net worth!

There is one problem

Membership is not ROLLING. The next time I will be having open enrollment will be in February 2022. You cannot afford to lose any more time !

 Although I would love to be able to accept every stressed #girlboss who has the desire and drive to want to make the most of this opportunity and ignite their business……...the reality is that in order to ensure that this group is effective…... numbers matter.

I am adamant that  each and every person must be able to benefit from individual and personalised attention. Everyone's voice is to be heard, at the end of this experience no (wo)man is to be left behind!

That’s why membership will be on a first come first serve basis. Once the allotted number is reached, membership is closed until February 2022

This could be you sis!

Dont fallback now, your breakthrough is literally a click away

Here’s how you will upgrade from business owner to CEO –

Are you ready to transform from dusty to dashing?

It’s time to stop struggling sis…….half of these chicks you see winning dont have what you have…..I kid you not!

It’s time for you to step into your winning season with confidence!! Are you ready to level up your business and start making the profits you know you deserve? Of course you are!

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