Learn what past and present clients have to say about working with Trinidad Mogulista. If you should require additional references, please contact us via our contact page or you may email me at hi@trinidadmogulista.com.

Ashanna Arthur

Ameniki is a force of nature. Nothing can stop her. After researching Ameniki`s work,  I utilized her services to manage my Instagram page for a period of six months and my following grew by 62% during that time. What I loved about working with her:

She took full ownership of the project.
I felt confident that all deliverables would be met – and they were- and that allowed me to comfortably hand over the reins.
She really honed in on the essence of me and the essence of my brand so she could represent it accurately.
I would let Ameniki manage another Instagram Marketing  project for me in a heartbeat; I have total trust in her.

Thinking about if you should hire her? The answer is YES. You`re welcome.

Royette Williams James

Trinidad Mogulista is an excellent and innovative social media strategist!! She will increase interaction to your Page by 100%.

I will recommend her in a heartbeat as her works speaks for itself. Ameniki is extremely skillful at which she does which her very engaging post. If you need to increase your presence on Instagram  you NEED to contact her ASAP!! You certainly won’t regret this decision. She Rocks!!

Crisha Sarah Bowen

Ameniki knows her stuff!!! follow the instructions and you will be guaranteed to see the rewards of her advice. I was about to give up on Instagram thinking it was too much work, she gave a planning sheet and calendar and I was able to be deliberate about my IG goals. From 300-521 in two weeks

Patrice Manning (Pnache Clothing)

You see this ambitious super charged young lady right here!, you all better hire her fast for all your social media need. She is hard working, persistent ready to take on that challenge and bet your bottom dollar she will be on your back to accomplish your goals. True definition of entrepreneurship and hardworking diva!…. Endorse!

Brendon Best ( Best Fit Consultancy)

This girl right here BRINGS the magic! She is knowledgeable, witty and ultra creative! Should you decide to hire her services you would struggle with regret for not having connected with her sooner! 2017 is gonna be brighter simply because I sat with her and discussed colour, words and ideas over a great big cup of Chai! #UpwardAndOnward

Jenille Jiminez

Ameniki is knowledgeable, compassionate and excited about her craft. She teaches and shares in a manner understandable to all. She clearly enjoys helping other creatives with promoting and exposing their work/passion via social media. If you are a newbie to the social media scene, start with Ameniki

Tisha Jack  TCJ events

Only know this young lady a couple months but her drive and dedication to what she does makes you sit up and pay attention. I invested in one of her services and must say I have absolutely no regrets. She has helped me to understand the ever important Social Media – IG in particular part of my business more. I’m gonna leave the management of it to the professionals like herself, but as a business owner, you need to understand every area of your business. Ms. Mogulista, keep pushing, keep hustling, keep up the great work you are doing. Not sure if you know how many businesses you have already impacted! Looking forward to seeing more awesome things from you.